Off the wall?

In the darkness of the well of night

You drift away and dream

Depending on that dream in that picture frame

It may well be an uneasy sleep, it may well cause you fright

You may well wake up, startled by your scream

Those faces that once seemed real,

disappeared back from whence they came.

Caffeine it is said may well be the root cause of this

Experts say not to highlight this of them would be remiss

Yet will it stop you in your tracks, what more might it disclose

Who knows what an alternate substance just might well expose?

So whatever is your poison before you lay your head

Enjoy that little tipple before retiring in your bed.

(c) Chris Black. November 2017.


Good Things Take Time

Alice Wake Up

Everyone has bad days. These days are just so despicably awful that you think you’ll never reach tomorrow. But, just a little reminder, that there are good days ahead.
You might struggle with a relationship or a hard decision, but eventually, you’ll work it out. There are good days ahead.
When you reach these good days, you will completely forget your bad days. This day will be so great, you’ll wonder why you were even blessed with such a good day. But it’s because you have deserved it. You’ve been through many trials, and you prevailed. You made it through. And you deserve a good day.

There are plenty of ways to live your life better. But I encourage to read this.

1. First of all, try to Live The Moment.

At first glance, it might seem simple and not really be revealing. Actually, most people have a really big…

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