What have I missed?

My thoughts on a page.

I’m back and have dusted the cobwebs off my blog. It feels like ages and no time at all since I last posted. As I alluded to at the time life happened, as it does just when we think we’ve everything sorted, and I needed a bit of space and time to lick wounds and get my head around a few changes.

So here I am.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up with many of you over the next few days.

While I was away as well as feeling sorry for myself I finished my six week memoir course. It was full on but I really enjoyed it. The final assignment was to figure out what memoir market would best suit my writing and why?

I’ve always known I’ve led a rather varied, interesting life, (most of it by the time I was twenty-five) but couldn’t imagine writing…

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a pinch of here, a dash of there, a full-cup of fancy – a poem

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

write me long stories founded
on deranged times, mad men
and tough women, on loves lost
or unrequited, filled with agony

tell me tales with elms and oaks,
acorn promises and lively crocus
birthing new hope at springtime

spin long on victories weighty and
igneous as aged volcanic spew,
as stirring as a mother’s love

weave in the thrills of sharp minds,
other climes, indulgent feasts, and
cultured lives of purple privilege

take me on trips that spark tears
and joy like sunlight off ocean waves,
season with a wee pinch of here,
a dash of there, a full-cup of fancy

© 2017, Jamie Dedes


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