*Mirror, Mirror

This morning I stood looking at this reflection

There was a pregnant pause

Suddenly it spoke back

You look proper unhealthy this morning

It mouthed loudly.

My head ached

Those bloodshot eyes

That mask of death look

I did not want this reminder

That party

Which went on longer than intended

Turned out to be a disaster

This was not my bathroom

This was not my mirror

Regrettably it was

Again the mirror spoke

Have you no shame?

Can you not remember?

The copious amount of wine you consumed

Those pills you popped

That white line you crossed to THAT white line

After all those times you promised yourself

In my presence

Following on from previous parties

Don’t do it, don’t do it

But you did…

The consequences of your actions

Are facing you in your mirror.

The truth hurts.

Learn from this reflection

The mirror never lies.

*The resulting poem from a prompt.

(c) Chris Black. November 2017.