Smorgasbord Laughter Academy – Dogs under the dining room table!

Laugh and grow fat, grin and grow thin either way have a good giggle.

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A young man fell desperately in love with a very well to do young lady. The day came when it was time to meet the parents and the young man was astounded to see the massive country house that his beloved had been brought up in. He was petrified enough to meet her parents and also knew that his girlfriend expected him to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

His fears were realised when he met the colonel… Dressed to go hunting and waspish. Eventually, the family sat around the large table in the dining room and the butler and the footman served Sunday Lunch.

There were many assorted vegetables and to be fair most were unknown to the now very nervous suitor. He ate everything that he was given and on top of the butterflies in his stomach wind began to gather in his nether regions.


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William Price King meets some Legends.. ABBA – Meet the Group.

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Welcome to a new series where William Price King meets some legends. Judging my the comments at the end of summer party, ABBA are firm favourites and over the next few weeks we will be playing some of their most popular hits…

Part one – Meet the Band Members.

Despite not really being active in the charts for more than 20 years as a group. ABBA remain one of the bands that seems to have etched their place in the hearts of their fans of the time. You only have to play one of their iconic tracks and people are up dancing and singing along. The success of the film Mama Mia in 2008 is being followed up in a sequel this year with many of the original cast members. The first film was released in a sing-along version too which proved to be just as popular.

Before we move…

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