Parkinson’s Law.

For the sake of this piece say my favourite alphabet letter is P

People have to use it to address the word appliance

Without P what would the Apple computer have been called?


P is not a particularly outstanding letter it must be said

Pretty ordinary if the truth be known, putting pen to paper to write

Such an implement was invented to serve that very purpose?


In principle if P was omitted how would one spell alphabet?

What would lapis philosophorum have been called?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone would not have seen the light of day.


Poetry would not have been invented in this form?

Or perhaps it would then presumably given a pseudonym

A pretty pathetic parody, perhaps pensive penmanship prepared

piffle personifying poetry properly packaged, could be sold as a *paronomsia?


(c) Chris Black. November 2017.

*Pun or Play on words.

#Write in any form in favour of your alphabet letter.