Home? Where My Heart Is

Simply Homemade

I have always lived in the sunny southeast, in this beautiful corner of Ireland. In different parts of it yes, but always in Wexford.

We moved twice when I was a child, once that I have no recollection of and the second time when I was 11, a preteen, so the bulk of my childhood memories centre mainly around my Nana’s house in town. She lived in a quaint little cottage on the river Slaney, with the railway line running right at the back of the house.  We knew the train times, we knew when it was safe to climb over the wall and go ‘up the Point’ with Grandad or Uncle Tom if he was home from Wales. We could safely go across the road for 10 penny sweets and cigarettes for whoever requested them, because it was perfectly normal for children to buy cigarettes in the 80’s. Walking…

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