Mary Chapin Carpenter : When Halley Came To Jackson

The Immortal Jukebox

‘It’s not every night a comet comes around’

The current President of France Emmanuel Macron is a man, as you might expect, of Gallic flair and charm as well as vaulting ambition.

Un homme pour Le Grand Geste.

So when he visits other World leaders and presents a gift it’s not going to be a silver salver!

When he went to China Emmanuel gave his host a throroughbred Horse – Vesuvius.

And now, in a master stroke of diplomacy, he has decided to ‘cement’ relations between France and The United Kingdom by loaning us the priceless artwork The Bayeux Tapestry (which just happens to commemorate the successful Norman invasion of England in 1066!).

I will be at the head of the queue to see the Tapestry because it is a great work of art and craft with immense historical interest and significance.

Not least be because it includes one of…

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Why contemplate what made the wind blow

Once we take pen in hand we are the architects
What we dictate will necessitate deep thought
We must bring all our skills to the table
Leave no stone unturned
Forasmuch as we may feel inclined
Lucky to be born with the art to write
By not hoeing away day after day
We go stale, lose interest
So it is imperative we write
Irrespective of the form, write
Does it have to see the light of day
Of course not, but equally it is good to share
Removing the mask of doubt
All will become clearer to the all seeing eye
Free form writing gets the juices flowing
Knuckle down, don’t beat yourself up
There is no milage either in taking out frustrations on the pen
It is but an object, it can but obey
Today the sun is resting behind hazy clouds
The sun being you, hazy clouds the subject
Once the heat burns off those clouds
You are there in your coat of many colours
Now, write what you see in your minds eye.
(c) Chris Black. Februrary 2018.