Was God watching?

Remember no one is watching, but God
God can take many forms
This mantra was trotted out to all
As we played innocent games.

Do anything out of turn
God is watching.

Was God watching when Johnnie’s
Father knocked seven bells
Out of Jockser’s old fella
On the side-line
At the kids football match.

Nearly started a riot
Among the dozen or so
That were there most
Of them mothers.

The other fathers probably
Still in the scratcher
After having a skin full
The night before?

Some of whom spent the weeks
Wages moving between the
Bookies and the pub
Was God watching?

When your man next door
Contininually beat his wife
Was God watching?

If you don’t wash behind your ears
You’ll not get out to play
A minor offence you might think?
For attempting to back answer
Got a good clouting for both offences
Was God watching?

In the school playground
We were playing spin the bottle
And got a stern finger wagging
We were told sternly
By those “christian brothers”
No hanky panky
Remember no one is watching, but God.

At 9 or 10 years of age
We were always in the wrong
Couldn’t do right for doing wrong
They’d take out their frustrations
Of the day on us
Was God watching?

Little did they know
We didn’t give a continental
Even if God was watching.

When we stumbled on those
Shooting up on the stairwell
Was God watching?

The night they
Shot up Rosie’s flat
And she asleep in bed
Hugging her teddy bear
In fear of her life
Was God watching?

Or the day they bombed that hospital
Killing all those innocent children
Was God watching?

© Chris Black. February 2018.