Emotion, Conflict, Circumstance!

The letterbox snapped shut, Siobhan’s heart skipped a beat as she rose from the breakfast table and walked quickly up the hall – there it was, the pink coloured envelope beautifully scented.
With trembling hands she opened it. She began reading the Valentines card and enclosed letter, not quite believing what she was reading.
Siobhan put the card and letter back into the envelope, placing her head in her hands she cried.
After taking what seemed like an eternity to compose herself, Siobhan revisited the letter and began to read aloud.
My dearest Jennifer, how can I begin to thank you for the pleasures you have brought into my life these past three months, Siobhan is now a faded memory, enveloped in the mist of time.
Let us treasure this time together as we close the door on past relationships. Siobhan reads and rereads, her tears have long since dried up.
Eventually, she fires card and letter across the table and shouts her loudest – Paul you bastard, pounding the table she repeats bastard, bastard, bastard.
Paul had left the comfort of the bed they had shared earlier, showered and breakfasted, kissing her on the forehead, he said see you later Siobhan enjoy your day.
Meanwhile on the other side of the town Jennifer answers the intercom buzzer, a familiar voice is heard saying it’s your friendly florist. Jennifer’s heart skips beat, she accepts the flowers, removes the attached envelope and leaves it on the hall table while she tends to her bouquet of a dozen red roses.
Feeling giddy with excitement, she returns to the hall table picks up the envelope, returns to the kitchen, decides to treat herself to a coffee and chocolate biscuit before opening the envelope.
As Paul should be over for elevenses, Jennifer convinces herself to put off opening the envelope until he arrives. Paul arrives on cue, she hears the key turn in the lock and rushes to greet him in the hallway.
They had not long ago rented the apartment overlooking the river, close to where Paul had his accountancy offices.
The vision in pink silk that greeted Paul as he hung up the pinstripe jacket and silk tie, was enough to take his breath away. All he could utter was, Jen you look ravishing.
Jennifer stood back admiring his firm manly presence, then gently took him by the hand gushing – those roses Paul it’s so thoughtful of you, the delivery caught me completely off guard. She could feel Paul freeze in his tracks, roses, what roses he stammered – yes they just arrived before you, so I decided to put off opening the card until you arrived so we could read it together.
Paul’s head was now in an absolute spin, Siobhan – card, Jen – roses. Jen – roses, Siobhan – card, his brain was now in total meltdown.
Then into the mix the dreaded mobile phone rings, reading the flashing screen he sees, Siobhan calling.
Paul had showered Jen with flowers from the first time they met, but not on this occasion, he had planned something special for later that evening, hence the card.
How did I make that mistake – all that damn brandy?
Paul, answering the phone whispered to Jen – have to take this call outside. Stepping outside he had a side view of the office block – Siobhan was outside, pacing up and down frantically, shouting at the top of her voice – how could you Paul, you son of a bitch – she was now attracting a small gathering of passer’s by, and some office staff members began to emerge from Paul’s office.
Without hearing the apartment door open in all the commotion, next thing he knew Jen had her arms around his waist.
Happy St. Valentines day all enjoy the pampering especially those who may be pampering themselves. Go on indulge your secrets safe with me.
(c) Chris Black. Februrary 14th 2018.




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