The sound of ice cubes

Plonk, plink, plonk
Into her glass of alcholic drink
The tall glass sweetened on the rim
Topped with red cherries
A multi coloured straw umbrella
Long black straw to assist consumption
Following the patience taken by the barman
To mix her drink, the waiter placed it down on a coaster
Following a brief exchange of words
He turned and left the table
She sat for a brief moment admiring her drink
Then with a swift hand movement
She dismantled her drink
Removing all the added extras
Placeing them in the nearby ashtray
Wiping the sugar coating from the rim
She sat back with a glow of admiration
Sipping her gin and tonic contentedly.

The disconsolate bar man remarked
Dust in the wind, my thoughts at times.
(c) Chris Black. February 2018.