The sound of ice cubes

Plonk, plink, plonk
Into her glass of alcholic drink
The tall glass sweetened on the rim
Topped with red cherries
A multi coloured straw umbrella
Long black straw to assist consumption
Following the patience taken by the barman
To mix her drink, the waiter placed it down on a coaster
Following a brief exchange of words
He turned and left the table
She sat for a brief moment admiring her drink
Then with a swift hand movement
She dismantled her drink
Removing all the added extras
Placeing them in the nearby ashtray
Wiping the sugar coating from the rim
She sat back with a glow of admiration
Sipping her gin and tonic contentedly.

The disconsolate bar man remarked
Dust in the wind, my thoughts at times.
(c) Chris Black. February 2018.

4 thoughts on “The sound of ice cubes

  1. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile. It’s true — poor bartenders. They spend so much time embellishing cocktail glasses with fruit and vegetables and flowers and swizzle sticks and straws only towatch us demolish their handiwork without even pausing for a second to admire their artistry. What a thankless job!

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