“The Turn”

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“The Turn”

All of the people that sit at my table.

All of the people that sat at my table.

The names, the games,

still frame my heart.

The seats once full,

empty over time.

The seats once empty,

fill over time.

The grand game.

Eyes, gestures, stories.


Round and round.

Strategy is sometimes called Stradgedy.

Human tragedy.

Human joy.

Passing time in the fellowship of friends.

Hold your cards close to the vest.

Bluff your pants off.

Roll the dice.

So, put some skin in the game,

and ante up.

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Walking the poetic way.

His palette keeps filling with words
Those words like rainbow colours
Illuminate his pages

A perfect space, a special place
Deeply emotive, some words
Could find you in a unique setting

Floating into your special hideaway
Travelling along life’s poetic highway

Some are post cards from the past
Turning invisible into the visible.
(c) Chris Black. March 2018.