More commentary than poetry?

Before breakfast there were visions and revisions
Satisfaction, hours away it seemed
As indecision followed indecision
My morning measured out in spooned tea leaves
I sit and ponder afraid, afraid there will be no nend result
Yet that fear drives me on, follow not what is a dream
What will become reality
Tomorrow again I’ll be at my table of words
What better company could the writer in me wish for
Silence, a fresh ink well, vellum sheets a steaming hot brew
In solitude as night decends
Poem, concise full bodied, in my eyes complete.
(c) Chris Black. April 2018

7 thoughts on “More commentary than poetry?

    1. I’m in the market for an agent Walt… By the by thank you for the youtube visit I’m sure that came as a shock to the system I don’t look half as bad with the picture switched off!!! Soundcloud was a great invention.

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