Being hospitable to words

Breathing ideas word by word he set out his stall
Having written one poem prompted the creation of another
All in the name of symmetry you understand
Reading between the lines is so much easier
Once there is something there to see
There would be no forest but for trees
No poetry without engaging the thought process
There are times when this is a challenge
Where would we be without a challenge
Lost for words I expect
Sow the seed of the poem in early morning
Go about your morning chores
In the university of words become intoxicated
At times you find yourself unconvinced
That a poem can be conceived
Concentrate, penitrate, procrastinate
Get ready to pronounce to all and sundry
Even though you may be on your own
There has been a development a burden lifted
There is a purpose in my living
Mission accomplished a companion poem written.
(c) Chris Black. April 2018