Watching through the lens of a camera
In the comfort of home or a presidential office
Buildings gutted, fogs of dust rising high into the air
Eerie screams, medics rushing hither and thither
Hospitals unable to cope with broken bodies
Street after street showing dead being covered over
Broken children crying out for loved ones
Brutalised bodies lying not just in their own blood
Soldiers and civilian alike bodies rent apart
Scattered like rag dolls all in the name of WAR
Will common sense ever prevail?
© Chris Black. April 2018

7 thoughts on “Untitled.

  1. There’s no common-sense to war, oh the contrast of standing on the pure white sand, bathing in the pristine waters of The Island Of Pines, of two weeks ago, sweet innocent paradise, tranquil and peaceful.

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    1. Sadly Elaine Patricia it appears there is no money to be gained from peace and there are way too many egos in ivory towers vying to be top dog in countries we hear little about as well of those that trip off every tongue.


  2. All my life I have been a positive person, always seeing the bright side, never giving up. But I am beginning to wonder if we will ever seen the end of this endless carnage.

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    1. I was so sad to hear the news this morning of the tragic occurrence in Toronto, may they rest in peace and may those they left behind take some comfort from the outpouring of sorrow from across all divides.

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