Today it rained words.

Where does real poetry come from?
Inspiration or perspiration?
Once the writer postpones writing down their thoughts
Their writing implement cools down.

The poet brings something to the blank page
Which didn’t exist before?
Some poets write to make some noise
Others rhyme for fun.

The economy of the poet is at times questionable
This of course is not always true but worth mentioning
Dwelling in the cathedrals of the imagination
At times brings to light just, once upon a time.

Then again from once upon a time
Did there not come great writers?
What a skilled writer can do with a pen
Is write because they have something to say.
© Chris Black. May 2018



2 thoughts on “Today it rained words.

  1. Having dreams, pondering thoughts, playing with words and being able to write a page or two is a pleasure to do, and if readers are pleased to, then everything’s multiplied by two.

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