Dressed in primary colours

By the old mill stream below the bridge

Frogs perilous on lily-pads, wild flowers blossom

Ducks and drakes add to the spectacle.


Gazing down on waters

Flowing beneath those birds

Peering at the rippling reflection of life.


Seeking a theme for a poem

Nature is the great benefactor

Being a landlubber has indeed its benefits.


An hour or a cloud later

“Music” fills the air from a nearby hostelry

The Rock ‘N’ Roll years are being turned back.


A zephyr twirling pink petals from a cherry tree

Patrons enjoying their coffee and cigarette

While shooting the breeze at a nearby coffee shop.


We live so much of our lives without talking to people

Freedom to write about these fleeting moments

Is in itself an experience.

© Chris Black. May 2018



8 thoughts on “Dressed in primary colours

    1. Thank you. Would a writers corner be something that might be considered @Wexfordnews to encourage/challenge the untouched talented writers dotted throughout the county this in turn may well generate further interest in Wexfordnews – just a thought. Chris.


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