There Was A Time

The Tennessee Poet again telling it like it is. Check him out.

Walt's Writings

There was a time

When life was simpler… slower

When kids were safe in school

When a U.S. President didn’t call people names on Twitter

When there were no cell phones

When politicians cared about people

When cashiers could actually make change

When immigrants entered this country legally

When there was not so much hatred

When we talked to each other face to face

When we wrote letters

When TV shows celebrated families

Ozzie & Harriet

My Three Sons

Father Knows Best

The Brady Bunch

When doctors made house calls

When children actually played outdoors

When we built forts, rafts and tree houses

When we played with Erector Sets, Lincoln Logs & Tinker Toys

When you could understand words to songs

When people helped each other

When stores waited until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas

When families actually ate dinner together

But those were all yesterday

And yesterday’s gone

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