While a dog barks at the moon.

Lulled by faint breezes of a summer eve

We strolled hand in hand along a glassy beach

Waves lapping the shore line

Sun setting


This evening born for lovers

We glory in its being

You, I and the rising moon

I wish I could buy you tomorrow


As the stage curtain falls on another day

Wending our way homewards steal a kiss

Sleeping on a feather bed

Sigh, nothing happens, no one cares.


When we awake, morning shining

Bird song fills the air

An angel arising to comfort the world

All now well and God is in his heaven.

(c) Chris Black. June 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

Hear a spoken word version @ https://soundcloud.com/the-poets-poet-1/while-a-dog-barks-at-the-moon





16 thoughts on “While a dog barks at the moon.

    1. A brisk 10 minute walk Fransi and I’m there. A fifteen minute drive brings me to a long stretch of beach known as Curracloe beach where if you have seen the movie Saving Private Ryan that is the beach the landing was filmed on (Omaha Beach)

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      1. You are a lucky man. Love the sound and smell of the ocean. Can stare at it for hours. And beach walks are like mediating. Alas in Ontario we have lakes. And yes I did see the movie.


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