The Lakes. Poem (2. 7. 2018)



My daily quest for beauty rare,

The essence of my soul

O’er hill and dale and valley fair

I love to take a stroll.

Though many years have passed by me

This longing will not fade

I’ll travel on with heart of glee

In sunshine and in shade.

My eyes have framed enchanted scenes

Few treasures did I miss

But when I wandered by the Lakes

I overflowed with bliss.

A panorama of delight

Water, hill and dell

Inspiring me in sound and sight

With tales I long to tell.

Of placid lakes and mystic hills

Of tumbling waterfall

Racing streams and ancient mills

Hamlets quaint and small.

 Idyllic landscape green and steep

In always welcome mood

A peaceful graze for the friendly sheep

A home of solitude.

From Bassenthwaite to Windermere

And the gems that lie between

I hear their murmurs sweet and clear

As on the…

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