As morning was shining.

Above him a sky filled with words

Today he could paint line upon line of poetry

His brush, a single vein poured forth these words

Nature in its nakedness so became his inspiration

The eruption of birdsong melodious to the ear

Scorched earth also where hungry cattle grazed

High in a cloudless sky air craft left behind them silver trails

In silence he watched butterflies flutter by

On a beach close by blazing sunshine burning and bronzing naked flesh

He stopped and mopped his brow.

The dog sipped from his water bowl, continuously seeking sheltered spots to rest

Spiders busily knitting webs to capture the unfortunate fly

Busy bees buzzing from flower to flower

Sea gulls rising so high disappear out of sight

Crows alighting on electrical wires cawing – on line conversation perhaps?

In his off road haven devoid of vehicular traffic, peace abounds

Far off in the distance donkeys braying, cocks crowing

It’s Wednesday 10:00am July 4th 2018

The face of the clock tells him – We have all the time in the world

He sets aside his single vein, closes his book

Sips from a long cool glass.

(c) Chris Black. July 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~