Willy Deville : Rebirth in New Orleans – Beating Like a Tom Tom

The Immortal Jukebox

If you can’t find your way follow The River.

The River.

The Mississippi River.

More than two thousand miles all the way.

Well it winds through Bemidji, St Cloud and Anoka.

St Paul, Redwing and Pepin.

On through Minneiska, La Crosse and Potosi.

Lansing, Prarie Du Chien and Galena (hats off to U S Grant)

Sabula, Moline and Oquawka.

Right by Keokuk, Kaskaskia and Hannibal (hats off to Sam Clemens)

Thebes, Cairo and Osceola.

Memphis, Greenville and Helena (hats off to Levon)

Vicksburg, Natchez and Baton Rouge.

That’s how you find your way to the Crescent City.

As it flows The River is always picking up freight.

Flotsam and Jetsom.

Ramblers, Rebels and Gamblers.

No account Losers and Aces up the sleeve sure fire Winners.

As it flows it gathers up and gathers in tall tales and stories, myths and legends, bawdy jokes, rhymes and half rhymes, drunken vows and…

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A Haven of Rest.

Because I could not stop to say farewell

A veil was cast over me.

It was time to move on

To a place devoid of choppy waters

No storms, no climate change

The entry gate says Immortality.

Yesterday I thought it centuries away

Not allowed time to stop for understanding

I’ll leave this short message for one and all to digest

Having loved being loved

As each leaf falls, that is me returning love endlessly.

(c) Chris Black. July 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~