Castle Cafe.

A writer on tour sips his Latte.

Venturing out through patio doors

A sight beholding to the eye

Light fluffy clouds casually drifting along

An azure sky still showing day light

Time 20:50.


Other writers, their chattering voices easy on the ear

Studiously taking notes.


Nearby cattle grazing

In fields which from his vantage point

Give the appearance of burned toast.


Not being at all green fingered

He can only sit and admire

The beauty of colour adorning flower beds

Whisper a thank you for the gardener

Who knows the difference between flower and weed.


Farther out beyond parched land

The impression of sea dividing land from sky.


Then quietness in that

The far off rumbling overhead of a silver bird in flight

Cars passing close by and bird song

Blend beautifully together

In a symphony of sound.

(c) Chris Black. July 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~