Bobby Bare, Arthur Alexander, Tom Jones, Pam Tillis : Detroit City

The Immortal Jukebox

People leave Home for all kinds of reasons.

As many reasons as there are people.

Running from.

Running To.

In search of safety.

In search of Danger.

Wherever they go, for whatever reason, no one ever forgets the Home they left.

Even, especially, if they can never go back there again.

Except in dreams.

Everyone has those dreams.

Jimmy :

When Daddy got home from the War he was sporting a chest full of medals.

Trouble was now he had only one arm and poison headaches near enough every day.

Makes running a small farm damn near impossible.

Some people say that’s what turned him mean.

Those folks mustn’t have known him before the War.

He’d always been mean as a mean rattlesnake on his meanest day.

Don’t know how Momma put up with him.

Except she’s one of them people who when she makes a promise she means to…

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Nerves jangling.

Now to the task in hand

Sitting to write with nothing planned

Lunacy or setting a challenge?

Lay it down, don’t rearrange

Set the timer for a ten minute session

Man, this is like going to confession

Making up sins, telling another lie

Writing words on a page just to get by

A lazy way today to get things done

Nothing serious, just a bit of fun

Should I let the cat out of the bag

Or leave well alone make it look like a brag

Or perhaps just rest awhile

Bragging is not a style

OOOPS, time is just up must now sign off

Time and tid

(c) Chris Black. July 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~