Pictures from the Mind (1)

Thank you to all at Vita Brevis for choosing Picture from the mind (1) for publication on 31st July 2018 and complimenting it with Village Twilight by Issac Levitan. Thank you also to those who stopped by on their travels and left a comment.

Vita Brevis Press

Submitted by Chris Black

We watched as he plodded home keeping between the drills.

Reins slung over his right shoulder
The grey mare sauntering behind
Chewing from a well-earned nose bag.

Hat in hand, head bowed in prayer
The chimes of the Angelus bell ringing out
6pm – the village church some four miles away.

He lifted the latch on the half-door
Whistled the sheep dog, beckoned us
It was milking time.

Later we’d sit, drink tea
Eat chunks of homemade bread
Covered in freshly made raspberry jam.

We well recalled the night you died.

Photo Credit: Isaac Levitan – Village. Twilight.

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