See The Tide Turn.

In the anaemic half light

He finds this time when the inquisitive mind is at its brightest

No need for alarm call

The call of early morning suffices

Looking out on the grey world

Spills words onto a white grey lined page

Paints a poetic scene

Yellow sun trying hard to brighten  Morning

Soft rain falling at a slant  Silently

Fresh coffee permeating  House

Mellow music modulating  Elbow

Stop take a moment to listen  Look around

Jolene, Dolly Parton another easy on the ear and eye combination

Spotify a welcome distraction from  WAR WAR instead of JAW JAW

Sweet Dreams are made of this sing The Eurythmics

As the anaemic half light gives way

To a glowing ball of light in a clear azure sky

Love Affair sing Bringing On Back The Good Times.

(c) Chris Black. August 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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