As “Days Dwindle Down To a Precious Few”

When handed the keys to another day

Watch leaves come floating down

Signs that autumn has arrived in all its bronze glory.


Sun, glistening on pond water lilies

A young water hen flitting from leaf to leaf

Feeding, tweeting to it hearts content.


Passers-by stop, just to admire mother-nature

While a photographer snaps this birds movement

It will then be framed for posterity in glistening glory.


Strolling through the beautiful Botanical Gardens

Of Dublin’s fair City resplendent under a glorious autumnal sun

Global visitors stand in admiration as September once again

Brings forth its golden glow.


Sitting beneath an ancient oak tree sketching

Or perhaps writing his memoirs, a Zozimus type figure

His long blackthorn stick close by.

As the song says “The Days Grow Shorter When You Reach September”


So it was with “Kurt Weill’s” “September Song” ringing in his ears

“When the Autumn Weather Turns the Leaves to Flame”

Birds in song wing their way among a beech trees baring fingers.


Witnessing weather signs telling of this new season’s life

He paused, in this gardens vast circumference.

© Chris Black. September 2018                                                 

~The Poet’s Poet~

#Poetry #SpokenWord

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