Why worry about something over which we have no control

Manage time as best we can is all we can do

Most people we encounter have no time to stop and talk

Will hardly bid you time of day

Time as with tide will wait for no one

So, it is best to go with the flow

The tick of the time piece, the beat of the heart

When the former stops it can be rewound, reset and

Time will move on, once the latter reaches that time

It is time for us to meet with Father time

Our time on Terra Firma has expired

The body clock retired

So with whatever time we have been allocated

Use it wisely

For we know not when the final gong will sound.

The person who made time made plenty of it

Some will argue they were not given enough time

If this Poem fails to reach publication stage

This author will have fallen into this category.

If not until the next time, take time to meet and greet.

© Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

Listen to a spoken word version @


#Poetry #SpokenWord


10 thoughts on “Time.

      1. Thanks for reminding me Fransi, I remember writing a story, well let’s call it a story loosely based on hits numbers recorded back in Old Gods time by Mick & Co. might try and dig it up, no guarantees.

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