Trick or Treat?

This she knew was going to be the most difficult mail she had ever attempted.

Relationships can at times go pear shaped?

In order to merge their businesses, two wealthy people are not as such forced into an unwanted arranged relationship, but needs must.

He, a recently divorced (not divulged) millionaire seeking a worthwhile heir to his billions and extensive business interests, says he is flush not overly wealthy.

They match on Tinder. Arrange to meet, both unchaperoned.

His arrival, very low key. He had booked the table for two and organised hotel room reservations.

He was handsome; she was ecstatically happy, that was until dinner was served, he slipped off his jacket and she saw the slogan on his t-shirt. (Welcome to hell)

Don’t look so shocked he said, I have the other costume parts in the room – this was supposed to ease she thought.

The virtual romance had went very well, much better than either party would have expected.

Reality, would be a totally different ball game.

It was the 31st of October when Jennifer stopped the clocks; she still needed more time. That wasn’t to be.

Time was at a premium; he was most insistent, far removed from his screen presence.

Drink and drugs, the order of the day as a do not disturb sign was hung on the hotel room door.

Suddenly her world plunged into darkness – she had but one thought.

Her long time lost male companion whom she should have called during the past 5 years but didn’t.

Nervously she dialed the number, he answered to the sound of heavy breathing.

Rob its Jenny she sobbed.

She had unexpectedly entered a dimension in which her actions were to have enormous consequences.

She had committed a murder.

What’s that noise?

What was that noise at the front door; animals growling, loud voices.

Nowhere to hide, she was like a blind woman who fell in love with a scent of death.

How could she escape?

Through the sliding doors she stepped out on the balcony, tapped the packet of Gauloises cigarettes.

Slowly dragged on the cigarette; for that short moment she was calm.

What made her think murder he asked?

She barely remembered striking him she told her long lost ex.

He had arrived in the company of a fellow officer and two sniffer dogs.

Murder now that was stretching it, in her opinion.

There were far too many male chauvinist pigs in the world for her liking.

Room 69 at the Metro hotel, turned out not to be the tasty number she was hoping for!!!

© Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

#Fiction #amwriting




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