It must be Monday.

This poem is off the top of my head

Quickly I must put it to bed

As each word falls onto the page

I feel a little outrage

This morning is overcast, dull and dark

It is quite hard to get an inspiring spark

Rain now falling in torrents overflowing drains

Why should I sit here and complain?

With the atrocities right across the world

Children starving, banners unfurled

By protesters and supporters alike

As their ‘heroes’ step up to a mic

Urge them to vote, inciting violence

While the opposition try to silence

The rhetoric, the need for power at any price

The vehemence, that voice

Booming across countries far and wide

Who can quell the tide?

Who can put an end to rant?

A civil tongue perhaps for violence can’t?

This virus which is inciting hatred where is going to end?

Until East talks civil to West and North likewise to South

Civil unrest worldwide like some poetry, not easy to comprehend.

© Chris Black. November 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

#Poetry #amwriting




3 thoughts on “It must be Monday.

  1. Very timely truth my friend. I am so sick and tired of hearing so many political ads. Candidates don;t even talk about their crediantials or their platform anymore, they just attack whoever they are running against. It is realy very sickening and has turned me off completely.My country has slipped down the rabbit hole, led by the Mad Hatter. I am disgusted.

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