“New England Giant”


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“New England Giant”

Sometimes you’re deep into the living of life, and it hits you: something isn’t quite right. It isn’t easily known at first, but as you meander through a day, the ambiguity clears and you find yourself looking down the barrel of an incontrovertible truth:

We are impermanent.

A hefty idea to roll around the noggin, considering how pre-disposed we all are to avoiding this impending reality at all times.

Yesterday, was that day for me. As spring rites roll out and signs of the season’s progression appear.

One way in which I measure the change from winter to spring is in the celebration of the annual NFL Entry Draft. Oddly, it never became a big deal to me until I became an adult. Ever more so as I realized how much it mattered to many people I love and care about.


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*”The bloom is gone, and with the bloom go I”

Writing from the perspective of a tree.

Seasons they come and go, happy, sad and joyous occasions

It is Autumn now my foliage, turning from lush green

To a glowing but fading gold

Limbs now exposed to the chill of oncoming Winter

Shortened days, humid evenings

Summer has flown a time I itched with flies.

Winter when my flesh is bare as leaf after leaf flutters to earth

I long for Spring and again giving birth

Until then I must perish beneath the winter sun and hoarfrost

Then at season change, leaves will fill each tree with another shade.

Following winter storms, with open arms I welcome Spring

I shall not ruminate on what went before

My boughs will forget the pain, as eyelids open

With each bead like eye I’ll welcome the passer-by

Then the delight of Summer, as I watch out over wheat-fields

The God of nature brings summer in full regalia

While the rook caws lazily.

*Matthew Arnold

(c) Chris Black. November 2018

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