There are many curious things to show.

~The Poet’s Poet~

Poetry, makes things happen?

Still in its written form, survives.

This days “madness” now begins

As pen is poised.

As quickly as wind blew out a cloud

He wrote, wrote loudly.

Away from the maddening crowd

He, lead a gentle life.

Delving at times into his darker musings

Not always is there eloquence and beauty

The darkness at times leaves him breathless.

Great feeling though to be utterly consumed.

Thus he wrote.

Walking through the woods

In the music of wind and rain

Strange and beautiful song.

Rhythm and musical rhyme

Disturbed by a lightening flash

The leaden echo of the woods.

As clouds parted and sun peeped through

He sat beneath an aged birch tree, book in hand

Dwelling on Mother Nature and Father Time.

(c) Chris Black. January 2019

#Poetry #amwriting