Making a memory.

~The Poet’s Poet~

Standing on the bridge

Listening to the church bells chime

Looking on as fishermen tend their trawlers

Small boats anchored off shore, bobbing

Some covered by from the harshness of winter

Endless streams of traffic coming and going

To who knows where?

On the quay front, a covered ice rink

Swarming with young and old alike

Dog walkers, some with pooper scoopers

Some without.

11:00 am and there is a great buzz about the town

School holidays and after Christmas sales

Attract like a magnet.

Pop into the friary church, peaceful and tranquil

Light a candle for the departed souls

Embrace the sound of silence

Return a nod to a stranger

Retire to a nearby hotel, open a book just purchased.

Relax with a cappuccino.

© Chris Black January 2019

#Poetry #amwriting