The Big Match.

~The Poet’s Poet~

Back in the time of the crackly wireless when I was but a chap and summer was summer.

They gathered in granny’s rose garden to listen to the big matches, lying off, shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbows.

The voice of Michael O’Hehir could be heard crackling in far off meadows.

All Ireland football and hurling final days were great days of celebration.

The excitement and discussion leading up to the ball or sliotar being thrown in was all about who was the best player, who might win and by what score.

It was made all the more exciting if the county colours or that of a neighbouring county was involved and if there was the odd skirmish.

The window in the parlour was propped up by a broken chair leg

The crackly wireless placed on the sill, volume turned up full tilt.

Tea and gur cake was laid out for all at half time, when the excitement of the first half was talked about loudly.

The conversation could go like this, that full back sure he’s built like a brick wall and, God blast that forward anyway he should surely have scored from there, the referee should be wearing that teams jersey. Yes the conversation could get quite heated.

Bottles of stout, they could be swallowed off any time during the game.

As a chap ear wigging, I learned a lot of new choice words, these men really knew their onions grandad told me.

Once the whistle blew for the second half everyone had retaken their place.

The power of prayer was the main topic coming up to the full time whistle.

Pray harder John Joe they would shout at grandad we could do with a draw for another day out.

Electrification and age soon put the kibosh on those happy times.

Once the scattered community got their own wireless they stayed at home.

The only ones who socialised in the old fashioned way visiting for the big matches were bachelors and widow men.

© Chris Black. January 2019 #Poetry #shortstories #amwriting

#I understand this is very parochial and will make sense to very few, it came to mind from an article I was reading about the late great #Michael O’Hehir a famous Irish sports commentator who also covered the funeral of President Kennedy.

It is fiction with a smidgen of fact. Feel free to comment and or ask questions.