Would I tell a lie? Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

The sound of the train, clickity clack, clickity clack

As it hurtled along miles of railway track

Roaring through tunnels, darkness, silence, silence, darkness

The lady in the adjoining seat reading, dozing, dozing reading

The chattering classes, endless conversation

The arrival in the carriage of the food trolley

Brings the rummaging for change

The half turn of some in their seat

As they extract notes from purse or wallet

Husbands with wives sit bolt upright

Open their kindle and mobile phone

During a two and a half hour journey, hardly a passing glance

Lovers cling tightly to each other

While husbands with someone else’s wife does likewise

And of course vice versa it must be stated

A soft child cries intermittently for the entire journey

Of course you have the lap top kid

Ear phones turned up full volume

Make that annoying hissing sound, which they can’t hear

Train journeys an interesting way to commute and observe.

One can form all sorts of opinions on life

Then transfer those to a blank page

Leave others to judge whether they are facts or falsehoods.

© Chris Black. January 2019

#Poetry #amwriting