A shaggy dog story. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Kindness and eagerness, that’s Admiral Nelson

The Burmese mountain dog

Willing to please, dislikes being ignored

When out and about no burrow is left unexplored

He carries his sumo wrestler body with grace

Ambles, yes that’s about his pace

Suits his master fine…

He’s at the stage in life where learning new tricks is a bore

Admiral Nelson rolls over for a belly rub, he knows the score

He loves the word ‘walkies’ detests the word VET.

He offers you the sad eye that says am I not your pet

Perhaps he remembers back when he met Cleopatra

A beautiful jet black Great Dane

That was for him a life changing experience.

Once he is warm and fed he feels safe and happy

Much like his master, age is a great leveller

Rituals, now he performs them religiously

He can’t settle down without doing what appears like a rain dance

At night he snores and dreams about who know what?

Cleopatra most probably or come morning, leaving his mark on the centuries old oak tree. Then breakfasting.

© Chris Black. January 2019.

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