Waiting to see what happens next. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Lifting the pen kicks its pulse into gear

Then through hand and arm

Its heart, filled with ink

Links with the unconscious.

The struggle of what he wished to write

Is followed by coherency

A poem is being formed

The dance of each letter

Laid on the blank page

Form a wordy picture.

Thoughts are now swirling about in his head

Words, like a ship on their maiden voyage

Waiting patiently to be launched.

Launched into the stratosphere.

He steps back from his canvas taking stock

Reads aloud what has been penned.

The external voice convinces him

To again address the poem.

Sitting back into his listening chair

Making what he hopes are meaningful changes.

Curious as to how his work will be accepted

He closed the memory map giving his poem wings.

© Chris Black. January 2019

#Poetry #amwriting