On the promenade. Poetry fro the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Be not afraid, silence educates the ear

His music had the power to melt the hardest heart

Not his music per se but that of Mozart

Music which can invent landscapes

The poetry of motion as the conductor weaved his magic spell.

The scene, a pavement set table at the Choc-Café

Four gentlemen sat, coats hanging on a nearby rail

Well suited business men it would appear

Sipping coffee, earnestly talking

It was a bright crisp spring morning

Yet they were wearing prominent white silk scarves.

He took his seat nearby, ordered his morning coffee

To one side of the table placed his note book

Spread out his newspaper, lifted his coffee cup

Suddenly the senile landscape came alive

The poet rapidly withdrew while a Manx cat disappeared indoors.

© Chris Black. February 2019.

#Poetry #amwriting