Do you understand where he’s coming from? Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Just when you think it’s safe to move away

You’re hit with another thought

A more profound thought

Another invention from the tomb

A hidden likeness to other poems you’ve written

All it is is a likeness nothing more

A reputation is at stake here

Twins perhaps but not identical

Allow the train of thought go down a different track

In your poem, think at all times

One line may hide the next line

It’s down to you to expose it

There are times when one word is jealous of the next

It is down to you alone to show them they belong together.

At this juncture I guess it is time to reveal

He is preaching to non-other than himself.

If poems were straight forward

This writing lark would be no fun

Reincarnations, nothing to gladden the heart

He finds reading poetry anodyne

He has at times been referred to as an ‘anorak’

As this hardly interests the reader

He should sign off, return and reread what is written.

Words wish to make it clear they are exculpated

For there are times he expatiates on subjects he knows little about.

© Chris Black. February 2019     #Poetry #amwriting #onlyforscrabble

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