Still trying hard to be creative. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

He is never alone once in the company of the alphabet

Each line of poetry must have its own juice

Not written to be analysed but to be experienced

We all have our own preferences which is the way it should be

For those who find it difficult to sit and read,

Audio is a great addition

Experience for yourself, whether in your car on a train

Or perhaps doing mundane housework

You will be amazed the enjoyment it will bring

Then contemplate the alphabet and write what you’re about.

Take a wander along the sidewalk of life

There appears to be at this given time

Nothing but trouble and strife?

Drug pushers, drug smugglers, drug users,

Child molesters, child abusers

Those looking for handouts, if you refuse them –

Threatening shouts

Everywhere civil unrest,

Leaders being put to the test

Maiming, disclaiming, earth quakes,

Law enforcers claiming mistakes?

Housing issues, politicians who debate,

 Politicians who accuse

Evections, contradictions, Banks who loan,

Bankers who moan

Philanthropists, philanderers,

Money lenders, squanderers

Mortgage lenders, Bankrupts,

Billionaires with no cares?

Online this and Online that, Text, Tweet, Facebook,


Join the digital revolution – IS this really the solution?

Time for some naval gazing instead of star gazing,

Wouldn’t it be just amazing if

THIS was considered to be trailblazing?

Writers who rant, you see poetry can take many forms –

It need not always enchant?

© Chris Black. February 2019

#Poetry #amwriting

A resurrected poem from 19th February 2016. Little has changed in the world.