Nature’s model

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Nature’s model

I cannot wait to take a walk

Inhale the morning air

Take a snapshot of my thoughts

And then with you I’ll share.

In the treetops songbird sounds

Echo beauty that surrounds

Capture colour, palette pour

Like an operatic score.

Gentle whisper, lilting leaves

Creates a softness in the breeze

Opens senses, pleasant phases

Nature’s model that amazes.

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Who knows what tomorrow might bring. Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Sitting here frustrated

Minute by minute more agitated

Racking what is left of this brain

Trying so hard the thought process to regain

A semblance of what I was yesterday

When I sat and had plenty to say

Today a total different kettle of fish

As I try and plate up a poetic dish

I sigh and wish in total frustration

For this train of thought to leave this station

Pick me up on its way back

The thought process would then be on a different track?

Then I could cry joyous tears

Wash away these inner fears

Write poetic words which intertwine

Assisting me write poetry in rhyme

But until that time comes to pass

Dig my heels in like a stubborn ass

Sit here become more frustrated

Minute by minute become even more agitated.

© Chris Black. February 2019

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