A poem of myth? Poetry from the pen of

~The Poet’s Poet~

Poet, partners with words.

Allowing them stand alone once written down.

You will hear no protesting from words.

There will be of course times where

The poet’s words will be taken out of context.

Anything we write can and will be used against us.

Those connected to us and at a far divide are also at risk.

We need to know these things.

Sitting with pen in hand this bright spring morning

At his bureaux, allowing the imagination stray

Seeking a theme for a poem.

The school of thought in a ruinous state.

Spilling ink coloured blood onto a page.

Watch the human eye engage.

Patience has taken him thus far

Blood, sweat and poetry will scar this soft vellum.

© Chris Black. March 2019

#Poetry #amwriting