Pieces Of Me 1 ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Read about the life and times of ~The Tennessee Poet~

Walt's Writings

Several of my followers have suggested I do a poetic
memoir of my life – things I’ve done, places I’ve been,
things I’ve seen, etc. I will do these Pieces Of Me
periodically in no particular order.

Insight into The Tennessee Poet
Born as a Preacher’s Kid
Named Walter A. Page, Jr.
Dad was English and Irish
His father was also a preacher
Mom was a red-haired Scottish lass
Her father was a Lindsay
Grew up in a musical family
Took piano and trumpet lessons
Settled on drums
Played drums in school marching band,
Swing band, jazz band and
Symphony orchestra
Have one older brother
Paul – a redhead
Born in Ogdensburg, NY
Lived in Massena, NY
Moved to Westport, NY on Lake Champlain
Then to Lisle, NY
Dad became pastor of
The Oakwood Heights Community Church
n Staten Island, NY when I was 16
Graduated high school
Then 4…

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