She smiled coquettishly. Poetry from the pen of ~The Poet’s Poet~

There may be times his poetry can be cold and austere

Frame of mind or phrasing of poem can have this effect

Cold as rocks on a stark mountainside

Austere as in words actually paving the way of the poem.

He has to approach each poem in the right frame of mind

Falling down at this fence leaves phrasing sadly lacking.

Trying hard to separate himself from his poem

A priority, fantasy is difficult to write about.

He stood by his bureaux this morning, pondering

How to put today’s ink blots into conversation pieces

Leafing through dog eared pages, never discard a thought

He found this scribbled line, the lady at a nearby table

Dressed in banana peels wearing a fascinator made up of burned toast.

There are times his poetry takes a different turn?

©Chris Black. April 26th 2019 #National #Poetry #Month

#Poetry #amwriting #30Poems 30Days #26of30 #poemaday

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