When the birds stop singing. Poetry from the pen of ~The Poet’s Poet~

Night writing brought about by storm and heavy rainfall

Black leaves seeking the shelter of partially built nests

Their home for the summer being buffeted by the gale.

We are reaching the final days of spring time

Climate change is happening in more ways than one

From this vantage point the loud clatter bang

Shows the wind has gotten beneath some outhouse tiles

The damage will not be accessed until dawn, in the name of safety

By small margins are we saved in times of storm?

An offence to man, woman and beast such weather

Then again is it not man, woman and beast that has us where we are?

Of course industry has a hand in the situation we find ourselves in

But which of us are going to be the first to dance to the tune of change?

We are living in the time of long silence

The alarm bells are ringing, their sound falling on deaf ears.

©Chris Black. April 27th 2019 #National #Poetry #Month #30Poems #30Days

#Poetry #amwriting #poemaday

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