The layout of language. Poetry from the pen of ~The Poet’s Poet~

Today, sitting in the imagination of his mind

He found himself in illustrious company, that of Samuel Beckett

Imbibing dry white wine at Cochon de Lait

Looking out on passers-by through a dimly lit window

This in turn charged the imagination.

Weekday mornings as apart from weekends

See him do most of his writing

Laying down a marker

His way of motivation

Eager, like a golfer on the first tee.

Always hoping at the off

He was not going to find himself bunkered.

Trying continuously to mould a poem to his own design.

The growth of a mind

The University of Life

Connecting with the landscape

Savouring all those aspects.

Longing to be a free thinker

Allowing always his words complete freedom.

©Chris Black. April 29th 2019 #National #Poetry #Month

#Poetry #amwriting #30Days #30Poems #poemaday

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