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Rattle your Green Tambourine

Write a story loosely based on song titles/song lyrics

On Your Marks, On Your Marks Get Set, Get Set, Go

In the House Of The Rising Sun

God Only Knows

Silence Is Golden

It’s there Mr. Tambourine Man sings

He Ain’t Heavy Hes My Brother

Night In White Satin sing I can’t Let Maggie Go

While roaming the Blue Bayou

The scent of Flowers In The Rain

Give them the Subterranean Homesick Blues

As a Brown Eyed Girl Turns, Turns, Turns Whiter Shade Of Pale

When she hears a  Bird On A Wire

Whistle Good Morning Sunshine.

Angie, Me And Bobby MCGee 

Decide to check out Shiloh Town

OH Happy Days, Hallelujah

That’s Bringing On Back The Good Times chants Judy

Do you Know The Way To San Jose anybody Ruby Tuesday the Taurus asks?

While this Summer Breeze continues to Make Me Smile

I’m off to discover a New World In The Morning

After Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Elusive Butterfly

I’m going to Take Five quit the Daydream

Don those Handbags And Gladrags sing out her Simple Song Of Freedom

For this Sunday Morning She’s Not There to Light My Fire

And We are nearly Out Of Time

Instead Everybody’s Talkin’

Feeling Mellow Yellow

Some Pointing the Finger Of Suspicion

Calling out Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman)

What’s going on One who’s an Aquarius cried out

While brushing her Hair, you can Let The Sun Shine In (The Flesh Failures)

(c) Chris Black. August 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~



Floating Hotel.

They looked like Lilliputian people

So high up were they

Waving frantically as the vessel docked

Then scurrying off

Cameras flashing

They hadn’t set foot on dry land for a whole week!

A whole week

What did they expect?

After all it was a cruise liner holiday they had booked

Eager beavers

People weavers

Street crawlers

Window shoppers

Cafe diners

Avid winers

Pernickety eaters

A holiday of 5* treatment

Nothing like this

On tar and cement

Still you pays your money

And you takes your chance




Take a chance

One night stand


Back on board



From terra firma

To the ocean waves

Bed down 5* style

Forward to the next docking station.

(c) Chris Black. August 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~





Pictures from the Mind (1)

Thank you to all at Vita Brevis for choosing Picture from the mind (1) for publication on 31st July 2018 and complimenting it with Village Twilight by Issac Levitan. Thank you also to those who stopped by on their travels and left a comment.

Vita Brevis

Submitted by Chris Black

We watched as he plodded home keeping between the drills.

Reins slung over his right shoulder
The grey mare sauntering behind
Chewing from a well-earned nose bag.

Hat in hand, head bowed in prayer
The chimes of the Angelus bell ringing out
6pm – the village church some four miles away.

He lifted the latch on the half-door
Whistled the sheep dog, beckoned us
It was milking time.

Later we’d sit, drink tea
Eat chunks of homemade bread
Covered in freshly made raspberry jam.

We well recalled the night you died.

Photo Credit: Isaac Levitan – Village. Twilight.

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Struggling to survive.

Windy waffle for Wednesday

Where else would you want to be?

Here, he hears them holler

Anaemic academics adorn archives


Boisterous broadsides being bowled belligerently

Munching memoirs

Tittle tattle talk

Bird brain banter

Paper print produced by the poet’s poet

Capable of cultivating cack-handed codwallop

Pontificating, passing the buck

August 1st and all about, anarchy.

(c) Chris Black. August 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

Daily poem Terza Rima: A summer’s day, a summer’s night

Well worth a share.

Jane Dougherty Writes

Last day of July, the end of the Terza Rima epic. Here is the whole thing. Surprisingly it does more or less hang together as a complete poem.

Heat crackles with shrill insect sounds, and birds

sing songs of sun and baking drought the day,

the night recedes, a tide of vacant words.

I asked the stars if only they would stay

when next the day awakes and fades the night

into the dawn, a paler shade of grey.

Reach the hope that shines out with the light

of each new day though hidden in the veil

of dewy mist that lingers after night.

Though clouds may boil and billow, charged with hail,

sweet birdsong fills the trees where river loud

relates to those who’ll listen, summer’s tale.

Storm beats about this house with heavy cloud,

rain lashes over newly shaven field,

with fierce hands wind lays hay stalks like…

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Overlooking the Town Square.

The kindness of strangers

So freely given

One has to experience at first hand.


This is not something pre – planned

Or is it?


On a darkened, dimly lit street

In the semi shelter of a doorway

Bedded down in a crumpled state

They lay.


While others passed by

On turning the corner

This young couple stopped

Approached, then intending to continue their journey

Sat down close by

Beckoned a passing Policeman

Who sat with all three for a period

Being distant from their conversation

I can only say, a short time later

An ambulance arrived

The kindness of strangers

Not one but three Good Samaritans

Freely given.

(c) Chris Black. July 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~