From the rubble of words emerged

Poet, a traveller passing through

Bidding you time of day

In a worldly wordy fashion.


Some may instantly understand

While others ponder

Dissecting each line


We are what we are.

Each one made in their own Gods image

Follow their lone furrow.


Poet, books his refuge.

His evolving world

Chiselling at written words.


Some words mercurial

Others dark, daunting, haunting

Day long poet waits for that train of thought.

© Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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Head spinning at 45RPM.

The question was posed

The answer forthcoming

“You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”

The motel was less appealing from the inside

Beggars can’t be choosers we told ourselves.

We sidled up to the desk

Handed over the requisite amount

Which got us a bed for the night.


The bar remained open through the night

Our request for food, frowned upon.

Two Star, that was pushing it a bit far

Flimsy walls, left little to the imagination.

A sign on the elevator door faded

Bluntly read, USE THE STAIRS.

Bed bugs do bite.

Yes there were vomit stains.


Morning could not have come soon enough.

Interrupted sleep from hissing pipes.

We showered in the sink.

The view from the single window

Showed scavengers raiding trash bins.

A sister perhaps OR

Could this have been The Eagles, Hotel California?

© Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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They christened him Scut.

Have you ever sat and contemplated

The silence of grass growing

Feel the peace within.


Suddenly the screech of brakes

Turning on your heel, half afraid to look

He lies half hidden beneath the car


Chasing after dreams

Downed by heavy metal

Approaching, a dog howls when it hurts


There was silence

His world of black and white

Now shades of grey


The silence as the vet gives that injection

Ice cold filled with tension

Silence of disbelief


They christened him Scut

He was a great Great Dane

Without a complex.

(c) Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~



Why worry about something over which we have no control

Manage time as best we can is all we can do

Most people we encounter have no time to stop and talk

Will hardly bid you time of day

Time as with tide will wait for no one

So, it is best to go with the flow

The tick of the time piece, the beat of the heart

When the former stops it can be rewound, reset and

Time will move on, once the latter reaches that time

It is time for us to meet with Father time

Our time on Terra Firma has expired

The body clock retired

So with whatever time we have been allocated

Use it wisely

For we know not when the final gong will sound.

The person who made time made plenty of it

Some will argue they were not given enough time

If this Poem fails to reach publication stage

This author will have fallen into this category.

If not until the next time, take time to meet and greet.

© Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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Companion and Protector.

He sat patiently waiting

The sheltered doorway

Accumulating autumn leaves


At times he gave the appearance

Of reading those leaves

While his master in his world


Leafed from page to page

Engaged in his world

Accumulating his thoughts


Giving the appearance

Of busying himself

While sheltered from the elements


Still he sits and waits

The Warrior

The Empathiser


The saviour at Black Dog time

Nudging in his leads direction

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”


He just wants to play

His reward

A tasty treat


The bond, something

Between them they celebrate

Poet, Dog, Dog, Poet.

(c) Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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I just don’t get it

Read, React if you must but ACT.

365 And Counting

Last week I saw a Levi’s commercial urging Americans to vote. It’s a great spot and bravo to them for doing it, but that they should have to, makes me crazy. Theirs is the only commercial I’ve seen — at least so far. But apparently, they’re just one of many companies doing it.

The Skimm has also been pounding away at trying to get people to vote. For those of you unfamiliar with it, The Skimm is a quick and easy-to-read daily digest of news stories.

They’re so concerned about low voter turnout among female Millennials, for months leading up to voter registration for the upcoming US midterm election, they launched a “no-excuses” campaign, with daily tips, apps, info and even a link to register.

For the life of me, I will never understand why people are so ambivalent about voting, how they have no compunction

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Requiescat in Pace.

By your bedside we gathered

Each mouthing our own private prayer

Reaching in we crossed you where you lay

Evening time September 2018

About to change our lives forever

Visiting time on this earth over

Everything we lived for changed

Mother, Teacher, Grandmother, Great Grand Ma, Friend

Each performed with loving care

Never to be forgotten, you cherished each one, accepting life changes

Thank you Mam and God speed.

(c) Chris Black. October 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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The mind is a scary place.

He shouted from the rooftop

His call went unheard

Returning to the ‘comfort’ of a damp rucksack

Made himself a comfortable as possible.


Life can be cruel at the best of times

Must make the best of the hand I was dealt

None of us know what lies ahead

One of life’s many imponderables.


His was an affluent upbringing

Unfortunately, falling in with the wrong crowd was his undoing.

After once more studying the tattered photographs

Suddenly he was airborne.

(c) Chris Black. September 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~

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Haiku. Leaf


Vita Brevis is hosting another four-day haiku competition–taking place entirely in the comment section of this post!

How to Submit:

1. Submit one 5-7-5 haiku as a comment on this post — all topics welcome

2. Reblog this post on your blog or write a post announcing that you’ve entered the competition, linking back here

3. Give good feedback on other commenters’ work! [This is what it’s really about–you’ll be receiving good feedback, so try to give it to others as well]

Here’s my Haiku, It’s only the second one I’ve every done, I hope I’ve structured the format right, please if advise if I need to correct…..


Spring’s about to start

Your winter withered my heart

Birds sing until dark

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