Acrostic Poetry

Managing your Monday?

Only you know how you really feel

Now is the time to confide if you are feeling down

Don’t be afraid to share those inner feelings

Always know there is that special one on which you can depend

You will feel better for sharing remembering always, a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

#Acrostic #Poetry #amwriting

Chris Black. November 2018

~The Poet’s Poet~



Putting pen to paper write an
Ode they say or an acrostic poem
Easy if you know how came
The solemn
You can do it
Don’t let us down
Always can rely on
Ireland the Land of saints and scholars
Ready at the drop of a hat to
Entertain all and sundry
Leaving no stone unturned now bidding you
No more left to say
Do enjoy Poetry Ireland Day, share with us your play on words.
©Chris Black. April 26th 2018.

Acrostic poem#20

Hocus pocus, things that go bump in the night

Allow your inner child escape

Lose those inhibitions

Lighten up

Operate only by pumpkin light

Witches and ghosts welcome to call

Except those with fireworks, nervous dog at large

Eeeeekkkk is that really a skeleton?

No just the next-door neighbour, can we borrow a bowl of sugar….

(c) Chris Black. October 2017.



Acrostic Poem#19

Short and simple as it is the Sabbath day

Use this time to pray to your God

Naturally your words will be heeded

Don’t expect immediate change though

Above the din of war eventually armies will hear our words

Yammering is the one weapon we have in our arsenal let us as one voice continue to be heard.

(c) Chris Black 2017.