Why question

I do not know why I changed my mind – The formation which was to define How todays poem might pan out. It was to be a fine statement On the quality of life about me Then I thought, am I so qualified. Who would be bothered about my opinions? I am just small fish […]

Lost Horizons.

Touch this page with pen and ink Be inspired Watch words form complete sentences The feeling of elation Difficult to explain. happy the writer away from the hustle and bustle. Along a winding crumbling lane Where whispers of the past remain A place to ramble night and day A special place, where time stands still […]

Scratching his head

He waited, there was no sound, no movement What was he to do Time he knew was on his side Again he scratched his head. This project Which some refer to as a task Was just that, a project A task in his mind was a whole different kettle of fish. That set him thinking […]

A dilemma, then maybe not.

If only I could get it down on paper Life is so much more interesting Inside my head. So much to be done Much more to be said Here is the dilemma though If I write it down Share it verbally Cast it to the four winds Then it is gone Gone from my head […]

Winter evening.

The sky, colourless Not a sound to be heard His senses give no reason. Winter evening He try’s to speak Finds his vocabulary exhausted The sense of loneliness Cannot be defined. Winter evening Far off rolling hills Shadowed by swirling fog Birds on a wing, silent His heart filled with darkness Bewildered He wonders, what […]