Cherished memories.

Soft and beautiful to the touch Yes, touch has a memory You were once a babe in arms Too soon you stepped off this stage. Too young they said Who were they to pass remark? I’m the one left grieving You bore your illness with dignity You fooled many I played along, could not deny […]

An Easter Sunday message.

To those world leaders You know who you are Do you ever stop and consider- The consequences of your actions? Or is this power trip you are on Way above that? Why not bring those egos into a room Sit down, place your cards on the table Think about where your present actions Are leading. […]

Tuesday, Mount Wolseley.

In the library of genius authors- Awaking to these words He means to make much of this poem The least significant part of this dream Is the enquiring mind on how to proceed Starting out on its journey It is in the control of the composer Watching them, The wheels that move slowly then gather […]

Meaningful dialogue?

Sit there, get bombarded with a hail of words Once they are soft and meaningful They will be gathered to the breast If they are hurtful They will be scattered to the four winds Utterances can be Hurtful, hateful, despising, surprising embracing, disgracing, enveloped, developed. Fired from a Tommy-gun mouth Words can be distasteful, disrespectful […]

If I had.

If I had the memory of an elephant or computer I would willingly converse. Being of a certain vintage Now I must think of what I wish to say Then to myself rehearse. If I had If I had the time or inclination Possibly I could hold a full blown conversation If I had the […]

Drinking in the beauty of the day

It really is great to be alive Rising and shining Waiting eagerly for interaction With what the day will bring.   Always keeping an ear to the ground Listening for those perplexed voices Which are bound to emerge from ensuing fog Out of such fog, windows of light will emerge.   Clouds will lift.   […]

The grim reaper.

Lightening, Frightening Struck the beast Sheltering from the storm Under the long standing beech.   Forked lightening Appeared to penetrate The stone wall of the old farm house Struck home at the heart of the family.   The sheepdog lying with head resting on outstretched paws not knowing that his work was done. (c) Chris […]