Waxing lyrical.

He opens the ‘coffin’ lid Turns back the soft red satin cover Stands back glowing Never ceases to be Amazed at its beauty He kneels down Gently removes it From its tight fitted space Delights at its feel Leans across the table Picks up his plectrum Plucking the strings of his precious Fender Sometimes out […]

Taking his leave. #Threequel.

Peter arrived unexpectedly A wry smile on his face It was scented The envelope he handed mother Father, a little perplexed Standing at her shoulder Said, come in Peter Kettles on the boil Hang the mailbag on the nail Behind the door Mother disappeared into the parlour She didn’t appear for quite a few minutes […]

Alone in a Starbucks CafĂ©.

Remember we only come alive Once the writer takes pen in hand. We then compose ourselves, form words on command.   Everyday brings a new challenge Nothing surprises as we rearrange To form words which are used worldwide In turn this leaves stories without a hiding place.   Pen, the instrument in the hand of […]

Have you ever pondered ever wondered

Where does inspiration come from to help you form your poem? Perhaps a summer breeze A monumental sneeze Or that flu like shiver Perhaps that doe eyed look That sets your heart a quiver That wink that has you think Should I return with a coy glance, might there be a chance? It well have […]

Beguiled by a smile.

It takes just a smile from that special someone To turn your darkest day to bright Sadness to delight To help you go that extra mile You might well be feeling down Wearing that dejected frown Maybe you’re hearing the bark of Black Dog Suddenly when least expected That smile It may well be from […]

Go, Go, Go Bruno.

Early this morning Beach walking It was tricky underfoot Lots of debris From the previous nights Stormy conditions Yet a healthy way to kick off a Tuesday Watching Seabirds patrolling Diving for breakfast A dog playing chase into white horses His master muffled up against The chill wind It is indeed invigorating. (c) Chris Black […]