Quite a contrast to yesterday.

Naturally today is a different day Yesterday now confined to the mist of time Today, Thursday is sublime Glorious sunshine, bird song fills the air Enjoy, not a moment to spare Cloudless sky, cattle lowing Machinery mowing Life sounds so much better in such circumstances. (c) Chris Black 2017.

All a far cry from cucumber sandwiches!

There is a sad look to this summers day Thinking of something poetic to say There is nothing noteworthy to write about Nothing that would entice you to perform handstands Rain coming down in torrents Sky a black/grey colour Birds are silent Animals seeking shelter Summer, it would appear from where I sit Has taken […]

*Wait, I’m really subtle.

Oh for a magisterial voice A W. B. Yeats voice The voice of choice of many a poet A voice that rings true The voice of the political poem The strange voice of song The voice of addiction The Yeats voice, longing for perfection The voice of imagery The voice at times of confusion? “Hound Voice” […]

Careful where you trod.

We walk by them Those buried in the graveyard Remember them Those buried in the graveyard Where are they now Those buried in the graveyard Are they at peace Those buried in the graveyard Who are they Those buried in unmarked graves in the graveyard Are they remembered? Should we not kneel and bow our […]

Clutching at straws.

Sitting down today  with great intentions Created nought Cause Word drought Episodes like this must be shared Not sit in despair No I’m not despondent In fact quite content to think out loud The imagery of walking away Leaving a page Without stain Pains me. (c) Chris Black 2017.      


Hell, fire and damnation Three destinations visited While the coupling lasted. Fear and dread came alive Once darkness fell. Daylight was no better Bringing dark clouds The barking of black dog And sound of breaking glass. Relationships are fragile at the best of times So why stay? Is it the devil you know syndrome? Fear […]