Winter evening.

The sky, colourless Not a sound to be heard His senses give no reason. Winter evening He try’s to speak Finds his vocabulary exhausted The sense of loneliness Cannot be defined. Winter evening Far off rolling hills Shadowed by swirling fog Birds on a wing, silent His heart filled with darkness Bewildered He wonders, what […]

You of little faith.

Removing the mask of doubt Anything can be achieved Knuckle down, smile, not frown Opportunities such as this don’t appear Without due reason There will be glitches along the way It can’t be pitch perfect every day? Trust in the structure Today you are the architect The strength and support is all around you It […]

Doggerel verse.

Traipsing with dog at heel He wondered, do I exist? Meeting total strangers, nodding They taking scant notice He wondered, do I exist? But for the occasional eye contact with his dog There was nothing of consequence to observe He wondered, do I exist? They walk on he hums a tune The dog oblivious of […]

This is how it had to be.

As light slipped under the eyelids He recognised, time to arise The chores of the day were many Not much changed from yesterday The thought that tomorrow would be no different Brought little comfort. A crust had to be earned Mouths had to be fed Oh what he’d give to remain in bed. It was […]

Monday 1st January 2018

A date destined to be written about So raise your glass, let us salute the day Greet it with an intake of its crisp fresh air Unfortunately, there will be someone somewhere Missing its blessings. It is not in our brief to alter its beauty. Resolutions, the buzz word of the day Not something I’d […]

Dark midwinter days.

Eerie is the only description Those leaden grey skies, leaves Which not long ago Dressed trees and hedging Now clog shores and roadside outlets. The house lit only by candle light A collection of torches with used batteries Add to the dreariness As dark days fall into pitch black night. The open fire the only […]